4,000 Year History of Miniature Books
Aircraft Resource Center
Aircraft modeling resources
Tom Bishop Miniatures Shows
Dollhouse miniatures shows around the world
Bromer Booksellers
An Excellent Source for Rare Miniature Books
  We visit Master Craftswoman Barbara Raheb, creator of 531 micro-miniature book titles  
Slowing Down
Isn't it time you found time for yourself?
September 20 , 2008
IPMS/USA National Convention
Columbus, OH - Aug. 19-22, 2009
Mini. Book Collectors Conclave
San Diego, CA - September
Squadron Mastercon
Carrollton, TX - September
Upcoming Plastic Modeling Events
Various dates across the US
What's in Store
A look inside a remarkable 1/12th scale miniature hobby shop depicting the summer of 1970
Remains to be Seen
A diorama of the wreckage of a Japanese Zero pushed aside during the Pacific Campaign of WWII
Bound to be Small
The hobby of collecting miniature books explained in minute detail
Tools of the Trade
The implements and documentation needed to assemble award-winning models

The reference books and magazines worthy of your time and investment Studium talks with Renowned Modeler Sheperd Paine The Mind and Hands are Terrible Things to Waste
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Test your knowledge of plastic modeling by trying our interactive crossword puzzle  
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