Professional Numismatists Guild
Source for reputable dealers
PCGS US Coin Price Guide
General certified prices, though somewhat inflated
American Numismatic Society
Organization for numismatic studies
Fred Weinberg
An Excellent source for mint error coins
  We visit with renowned numismatic writer and collectibles dealer Q. David Bowers  
World Without End
Grasping the flood of new coinage
February 20, 2010
F.U.N. Numismatic Convention
Orlando, FL - January
Long Beach Coin Expo - CA
ANA World's Fair of Money
Boston, MA - Aug. 10-14, 2010
New York Int'l Numismatic Conv.
New York, NY - Jan. 6-9, 2011
Collector's Old Favorites
Where many serious collectors of ancient Greek coins begin
Depressing Mistakes
Exploring the intriguing arena of mint struck error coins
Balloon Payments
Collecting hyperinflationary currency that illustrates the folly of mankind
Crowning Glory
The beauty of crown sized coins of the world from the turn of the 20th century

Important coin & currency reference books to consider for your library Studium talks with ancient Greek and Roman coin icon, David Sear Discovering the True Value of World (Pocket) Change
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