As the years have passed, the vast field of popular hobbies has shrunken. This has happened not from a narrowing of the minds of youth, but of the reduction in free time that used to be set aside for these hobbies. Largely, the miniaturized technology developed by Steve Jobs and Apple is largely to blame, in the opinion of this writer. The Smartphone revolution now fills our time on and off work, with texting, music, social sites, YouTube, and a vast array of games and useful applications. As a result, stamp collecting, coins, rocks, miniatures, and collectibles in general have sadly become blase.

However, a mix of technology and collecting has captured many, and grows everyday, thanks to online articles and media. Cryptocurrencies are coming into vogue, beginning with Bitcoin and expanding into over a thousand alternative cryptocurrencies. Many can be bought for less than a penny, while papa Bitcoin is thousands of dollars for a single 'coin'.

Where can one learn about this intriguing field? There's a short video introduction to cryptocurrencies (created by this author, by the way) on YouTube here, as well as on the website, which also focuses on a cryptocurrency investment opportunity called BitConnect.

Collecting a large or small grouping of items can still be satisfying in today's fast-paced, technologically-focused environment, even if they are basically iconed electrical impulses that carry value. Whether in the mind of the quiet junior high school student or the kings of commerce like Bill Gates and Goldman Sachs' Lloyd Blankfein, cryptocurrencies are a fun and sometimes profitable excursion into gathering a set of things with a story behind them.

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