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Barbara Raheb
Podcast (Click to play; right-click and choose "Save Target As..." to save) - 10.8MB
Studium Magazine interviews Barbara Raheb, retired Pennyweight Press publisher who created over 530 miniature book titles. (15:39) 
00:58   Introduction
01:41   Birthplace
02:10   Involvement in creating miniatures; first published miniature books
05:05   Why miniature books; collaboration with Black Cat Press
06:35   How the illustrated books were colored
08:10   Barbara's biggest challenge in creating miniature books
10:00   How many titles were published
11:10   Were books abridged or the full texts
11:17   Barbara's favorite book
11:45   Why Barbara stopped producing her titles
12:30   Titles she would have liked to have created in miniature
15:00   Conclusion
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