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Throughout the 1970s, Sheperd Paine was commissioned by Monogram to build dioramas of new and re-released kits for what turned out to be an ingenious marketing idea, with his work summed up in a brochure that was packaged with the kits. Timing was everything, with production line demand for a completed diorama coming in only one week from the time Shep began. It was truly a remarkable feat for the mind, skill and speed of Shep to develop what was to become the benchmark for thousands of model builders.
2 ½ Ton Truck   Panzer IV   Patton   Sturmgeschuetz IV
Jeep and 35mm Gun   Personnel Carrier   Weasel   Flakpanzer I
Armored Halftrack   Sherman Calliope   Sherman M4A3   Grant
Lee   Ostwind IV   Sd. Kfz. 263   Strumpanzer 43
Panzerjager IV            
TBD-1 Devastator   P-61 Black Widow   B-17 Flying Fortress   B-24 Liberator
B-25 Mitchell   F-15 Eagle   B-29 Superfortress   C-47 Skytrain
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