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Most of us are familiar with the hobby of model railroading, or perhaps we spent time as kids building scale plastic replicas of airplanes and armored vehicles. Sheperd Paine is arguably the best-known military miniaturist in the world, and he has done more than anyone else to elevate modeling to the level of an art form-one that includes elements of painting, sculpting, historical research, and vivid storytelling.

Over the years, excellent modelers have emerged in the fields of armor, aircraft, ships, figure painting, scratchbuilt figures. What makes Shep unique is that he has excelled in all of these areas.

With an impressively broad scope of interest ranging from the Napoleonic era to World War II, and from creating a three-dimensional rendition of a work by Rembrandt to crafting fantasy scenes that do Frank Frazetta and J.R.R. Tolkien proud, Paine has created incredibly detailed and masterfully rendered figures, vignettes, and dioramas that are eagerly sought by prestigious collectors such as Malcolm Forbes and Andrew Wyeth. And in the process, he has inspired thousands of others to try their hand.

For many years Shep has worked in the military history field as a free-lance artist, sculptor, and writer. His commissions include dioramas for private collections (notably those of Andrew Wyeth and Forbes Magazine), museum projects, and several large commemorative sculptures for the Franklin Mint. Special displays of his work have been seen at the Brandywine River Museum, the Campbell Museum, and the St. Louis Museum of Science and Natural History. He is the author of four books and has also been featured in articles in Sports Illustrated and Fortune.


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Sheperd Paine
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00:58   Introduction
01:36   Growing up
01:46   Remembering the first model
02:35   What hooked Shep on modeling
02:49   Does business spoil the joy of modeling
03:34   What it was like working with Monogram
07:07   Shep's biggest challenge
07:29   A favorite project?
07:59   Feelings on today's hobby industry
08:57   Shep's new book
10:03   What's ahead
10:40   Shep's advice
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