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The recommended reference works below are but a few out of a sea of important numismatic publications. However, in spite of in several cases their out-of-print status and subsequent higher cost, they are still considered the key works that would make important and valuable additions to the serious enthusiast's library.

  For the United States coin collector, Yeoman's exceedingly popular A Guide Book of United States Coins provides the meat and potatoes on Colonial issues through present day commemorative coinage. Also known as the Redbook, Yeoman's guide is fully illustrated in color and covers general retail pricing in several grades along with mintage figures.  
  Published in 1988, Walter Breen's Encyclopedia of U.S. and Colonial Coins is an exhaustive work that picks up where the trusty Yeoman's Redbook leaves off. Historic in scope, this comprehensive work by the late Walter Breen covers Colonial coins used in early America through all United States issues. Now regrettably out of print, prices for this important publication have exceeded $200...and well worth the expense.  
  Fred Weinberg and Arnold Margolis' joint effort on mint error coins of the United States titled the Error Coin Encyclopedia is the reference for this esoteric yet extremely popular field of numismatics. Now in its fourth printing, this work is filled with photos and detailed information about all types of major errors that have befallen coinage behind the doors of the Mint and that are commercially available.  
  Krause's Standard Catalog of World Coins is published annually (in order to keep up with the vast amount of new coinage flowing through old and new nations of commerce) and is issued by centuries. Primarily a general source of prices for all world coins in several grades, this gargantuan effort provides other key data, such as mintage figures, metallic composition, and translation of foreign mottos. Also available on world crowns and paper money.  
  David R. Sear's comprehensive reference titled Greek Coins and their Values was published in 1979 in two parts; Volume 1 covered coinage issued in Europe while Asian and African coins were found in Volume 2. Fully illustrated and filled with valuable background information covering five centuries of coinage, this set is an important addition to the library of any serious collector of ancient coins.  

Historia Numorum; a Manual of Greek Numismatics by Barclay Head was first published in 1887, with important updates included in its reissuance in 1911. Long considered the mast head in ancient Greek coin collectors' libraries, it is filled with learned commentary and several pages of illustrations. Fortunately, this mighty reference is available for viewing on the web, or by downloading it in PDF format by clicking on the link below.

Historia Numorum (64MB)
  The key numismatic issues of Rome are well represented in the two-part Coinage and History of the Roman Empire c. 82 B.C. - A.D. 490, penned by expert David Vagi. Published in 1990, book 1 covers the history side, which is very readable and enlightening, while book 2 delves into general pricing.  
  The Celator is a journal published quarterly that focuses on the ancient coin world. Subscriptions are $36 for one year. For more information, they can be contacted at : P.O. Box 10607, Lancaster, PA 17605-0607.  

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