When I first got online in mid-1995, the web was still in its early stages of predominately text-based sites. So, later that same year, Studium, which is a rough translation in Latin for hobby, became my experiment at providing to those with similar hobby interests a site that had what I could not find -- informative and well illustrated articles on different leisurely pastimes.

After a decade-and-a-half, the internet has become what it wasn't - with a vengeance. The eye candy of images fills the bandwidth, and far more learned articles than mine are a simple click away. I still like to think that I am providing a source of knowledge and inspiration for the hobby enthusiast.

Although the site has gone through several redesigns (to incorporate what I've learned about web site design), I've attempted to make the changes improvements for my visitors. I hope you feel I've succeeded.

Dennis L. Nowicki

March 31, 2011

About the Author

Dennis Nowicki has lived an adventure throughout his varied professional and social career. He was a well-traveled, professional singer before reaching puberty, then a numismatist and award-winning plastic modeler from his late teens. Dennis has been a published author, experienced skydiver, scuba diver, decorated Air Force Non-Commissioned Officer, professional numismatist, corporate manager, electronics technician with a Top Secret clearance, gifted web designer, actor, artist, popular English teacher for corporate Japan, certified real estate appraiser, and is fluent in spoken Japanese. He holds a Bachelors degree in Business from the University of Redlands and a certified middle school teaching certificate through Texas A&M University.

Dennis has been married for over two decades, blessed with two daughters and is currently living in North Dallas.

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