Ah, those familiar words of impatience that either parents or those of us with exceptional memories have uttered or heard uttered. In spite of the idiom that states getting there is half the fun, most of us would be more than willing to bypass the route for the destination.

Hobbies and collecting often run in direct confict with this philosophy...they take time and patience, either in the creation of a work of art or the accumulation of a collection. Certainly, one can purchase with a single swipe of a credit card a complete collection of figurines or artsy thimbles and such, but this instant gratification doesn't equate to a pasttime...it's just stuff.

Many of the collections I've built that have appeared within these pages have taken anywhere from a few years to over two-and-a-half decades to gather. Each addition to my collections came with the thrill of the find, some time spent researching its history, and that one step further towards a sense of accomplishment. Consider a hobby mental growth, yet a means to relax, rather than the stagnation to which contemporary means of entertainment condemns us, albeit willingly.

I sincerely hope that my efforts to inspire and inform have yielded ideas or thought within those of you who've visited. Thanks for taking the time.

Oh, and by the way...we're there.